10 must do things before your exams

CBSE/ ICSE board examination have been started, and so is the tension and panic before entering the examination hall. It is common to have an exam fear before the boards so it is important to make a proper plan to execute on the day of test. The last chance of the student to influence the marks in an examination of a student is a well planned night before the exam. Students are advised not to panic and have a well rested night before the examination so that they wake up feeling confident enough to enter the examination hall and avoid unnecessary hoopla revolving around exam fear. Here are the ten must-do tips for attaining a positive outlook of a test.

1. Eat a well-balanced dinner: A well-balanced meal will have a positive effect on your mind and physical health. It’s necessary to avoid caffeine, too much sugar, pizza or soda the night before the exam. Have caffeine-free beverages, steamed vegetables and grilled fish would be nutritious and healthy for the body. Avoid junk food, greasy, heavy food that will make you lethargic in the morning.
2. Review with a friend:
Get a relaxed mind and schedule a question answer session with your friend. Start during early in the evening that will test your expertise on the topics of the subjects. Revise the areas that you couldn’t answer or need a last minute revision. Why take chances? The review will be very helpful in making you confident enough to face the exam.

3. List the things you need to do before the test: List all the things that you need to do before an exam. Make sure you have enough amount of time to get all things done in the morning.

4. Get up earlier than usual: An extra 15-30 minute to yourself on the day of the examination will allow you to remind you to do the things that you might have missed the night before. Unless it makes you more anxious, do a quick check up on your sample papers.

5. 7-8 hours of sleep is vital: Get plenty of rest before the examination. A well-rested body and mind will be able to respond quickly than under pressure. Don’t cram or mug up the night before the examination that will only put your brain under pressure.

6. Always visualize a positive outcome: If a mind can conceive, it can achieve. The power of positive visualisation shouldn’t be overlooked as it is one of the secret performed by the successful people. Feel good that you have given an opportunity to score good and prove your potentiality through this examination. Think positive and be positive and don’t embrace the thought of failure.

7. Reward yourself: Schedule a small post examination celebration to take your mind off the tension and panic. Taking a break from the exam tension is always an a panacea to a pressurised brain.

8. Get your things ready for the morning: Gather all the stuff like – pen, paper, pencil, admit cards, identity card, geometry box and calculator on the night before the examination itself. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of water or some candy for the nervous mouth that you can get before the exam.
9. Power of breathing deeply: Remember to take deep breath when you are panicking. IT will help your heart beat slower and also helps oxygenates you brain and boost your energy.
10. Walk confidently: Walking confidently will help you boost your energy and confidence levels. Remember to take pride in your knowledge and relax.

So here you go with the ten tips to do before an examination. Team Byju’s wish you all the best for your board exams!

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