10 Ways To Boost Your Maths Performance

Most of you may feel like doing well in maths is an inborn skill, a subject that can’t be learned by all. But, the truth is that anyone can master this subject, you just need to learn the right strategies.

Here are 10 tips that helps you in performing well in your maths –

Complete Your Homework – Don’t take homework as a choice. Whatever you learn at school, practice and understand at home. Try to set up a regular time so that it becomes your habit. Practice every question that is taught in class so that you get to know about the topic that remains unclear. Also, you can ask the uncleared topics from your teacher the very next day.

Solve Problems In Group – It’s always good to study with friends as studying together develops sharing of knowledge, competition and practice. It feels great when you get more marks than your friends. This feeling will let you practice more of your subject and score good. You also want to tell the solution everytime asked by your friends which helps in building strong concepts.

Analyze And Understand Your Mistakes – It’s tempting to ignore our mistakes but it’s important to understand. After every test, check your solutions, analyze what all small mistakes you have made. Figure out the reasons for mistake, otherwise you are doomed to repeat those. Correct those mistakes and if they are unclear ask your teacher to clear them. It’s important to solve those small problems now before they start to snowball.

Ask Your Questions – Question only arises when you try to learn something new. It’s good to ask questions, it’s a lifelong skill which helps you in understanding the whole concept behind any topic. School is the best place to practice your topics, solving your problems and clearing your doubts. A good teacher will always be ready to answer your question.

Basic Skills Are Important – You should be quick enough to answer questions like what’s 8 times 8? These multiplication tables acts as a basis for most of the high school math problems. If you are unable to give this answer, practice using flash cards and many other things. If you are clear with your basic, it’ll be easy for you to understand the complex form of the problem.

Algebraic Skills – Algebra skills are important for later math courses. Right from simple equations, slope, simplifications to radicals, you should know all. Clear your algebra basics first and then move on to next chapter. Without having proper understanding of simple algebra, you can’t solve complex problems in your higher classes.

Understand The Working Of Calculator – It’s very easy to use the calculator for any math problem to get instant answer, but have you ever noticed that how calculator is calculating your question. Analyze the calculator’s answer. For example – if anybody asks you the square of negative -2, most of you will type -2^2 which gives you answer as -4. But the actual answer should be (-2)^2 = 4.

Avoid Shortcuts – It’s very important to solve out your question following proper steps. Just one miscalculation may cause mistake which can lead to incorrect answer. Writing solution step wise also helps you in finding the mistake, you can easily check out all the steps where mistake has been made.

Don’t Procrastinate – Don’t try to cram few chapters in just one night as we can’t just memorize the formulas and use them flawlessly in questions asked in exams. Use of those formulas needs practice, there can be different questions where formula can be used differently as those questions are not straightforward. So, it’s better to practice daily rather than trying to finish in just one day.

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