3 Main Steps For CBSE Board Exam Preparations

We all know how important CBSE Class 12 Board Exams are, right?! So, preparing for the exams in the right way is essential. What is the best way to prepare for CBSE Class 12 Board Examination? There are 3 main steps for board exam preparations.

Step 1: Learn

Step 2: Master

Step 3: Revise

In step 1, you learn by understanding the concepts thoroughly. Visual learning is the best way of learning by understanding as you see the concepts come to life. Visualizing what you learn helps you remember the concepts till you are done with your exams and beyond. For example: There are so many laws of triangles. When you visualize the diagram that proves BD2 = AD * DC, learning laws of triangle becomes simple and interesting. See how:

Visual learning also teaches smart and shortcut techniques to help you solve objective type questions within seconds because the real edge of cracking any competitive exam is not how many questions you solve, but how sooner are you able to solve them. Time plays a crucial role while you are appearing for competitive exams. For example: There is an IIT geometry question in this video which can be solved by 99% of those who are preparing for the entrance exam, say in 15 mins. But the real edge here is to solve the same problem in 30 secs and this is possible only if you think differently of how you can solve it.

To think smart and solve questions within seconds, you need to understand the concept well. It is possible if you visualize the concept.

You know that we are surrounded by positive and negative charges right? How do you know that they exist? Have you seen them or have you touched them? No right?! Then how do we learn charging by induction? Your answer is here!

Step 2 is to master what you learn. Practice makes you perfect, hence you master all the concepts by practicing questions and problems of the concepts you have learnt. How will you practice? You can practice by solving problems from previous year question papers. It is important to solve previous year question papers to understand the pattern of questions that appear over the years. If you can identify the question pattern, you will be able to predict the type of questions you can expect during the exams.

Step 3 is to revise what you have learnt and mastered. Scoring good marks is possible by understanding the concept thoroughly and revising it. Revision can be done through Mind Map. Mind Map helps you capture the entire concept and revise it at one glance and it is the best revision technique.

By following these 3 important steps, you will be able to prepare for CBSE Class 12 and all the competitive exams that you aim at.

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