5 Common Mistakes Students Make in Exams

Exams are the crucial point in every student’s life as it helps in shaping your future. Even a single mistake can set up hindrances to your career way for the rest of life. Read some mistakes that are made by the most of the students.

Reach early to the Exam Hall

Make sure to arrive almost half hour before at your exam centre. If you will get late, you may not be allowed to sit for the Board Exams. Even if you allowed to sit, your mind may not be ready to start answering the questions. Plan your travel time according to traffic and transport to reach early.

Don’t Start with the most Difficult Question

Before answering, go through the whole question paper once. Without glancing the question paper, you may start with the most difficult question which could puts you under mental stress and you may not impress your examiner by your answers. As you mind is focused to the first difficult question, you may find difficulty in answering other questions also.

Don’t miss out important Instructions

Read all the instructions written in the front page of question paper and go through the complete paper. This will get you time to segregate between easy and difficult problems. By ignoring those instructions, you may end up answering those questions which are not required.

Don’t forget to Answer all the Questions

Most of you effort to attempt easy questions first and leaving some to be attend at the end. There can be a situation that you get stuck with difficult questions at last, leaving no time to return to those questions.

Check your Answer sheet Before Submitting

Most of you may not find this step necessary but you don’t realize that you forget to write units with math problems, draw graphs or diagrams or some major things like failing to notice other side of the question paper. By proper checking before submitting helps you notice some errors and if time left, you can attempt those left out questions also.

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