6 Study Tips For Students Who Drop A Year For IIT JEE Preparations

Getting into one of the reputed IIT’s is every engineering aspirant’s dream. By default, preparation for IIT JEE entrance examination begins from the time the student steps into his high school. By the time you get to class 10, you are occupied in preparing for the board exams. So, the focus gets distributed between class 10 boards and JEE preparations. When the time inches closer to JEE exams, you start feeling that the time and effort you put in to prepare for it was not enough. There you decide to drop a year and prepare for the entrance exam with a hope of scoring better and getting an admission in one the IIT’s you dream of.

Deciding to take off for a year to prepare for JEE is not an easy thing. It really takes a lot of confidence and patience. Lately, dropping off a year has also become one of the major strategies to crack IIT JEE. The point here is as you have 1 full year to prepare for the entrance examination, it is important to make the best and most of it. So, here we are with 6 tips to help you prepare for IIT JEE after you have decided to take a year off.

6 Solid Tips For JEE Repeaters

  1. Ask ‘These’ Questions to Yourself

Before you begin with JEE preparations, you need to ask these questions to yourself which are very important and will help you plan your study.

  • Which is the subject you find it to be easy and hard?
  • What time of the day do you prefer to study? Are you a morning person or someone who prefers to study in the night?
  • What is the size of your study? How many hours in a day do you study?
  • What is the style of your learning?

When you have answered these questions to yourself and have made a thorough analysis, you are ready to start off your JEE Preparation journey.

  1. Be Sure of the Syllabus, Books and Date of the Examination

Before you even take the next step, make sure you have proper syllabus and books in hand. Now that does not mean you will stock up all the study materials available in the market and with your friends, but those which are essential and enough – The NCERT Books. Take note of the dates of the examination; write it on a wall or in a place where it’s visible to you. This helps you to set a deadline and also reminds you of your goal.

  1. Make a Smart Study Plan

Yes, you have 1 full year to prepare for JEE, but that does not mean that you will pick the subjects and lessons as and when you want it. It is very essential to plan the year systematically so you can cover the entire syllabus and also learn the chapters thoroughly. For this, you will need a smart study plan, where you cover at least 30% of the syllabus in a month. You can divide the subjects and lessons on hourly or daily basis, as per your convenience. What is also important for you to remember is to take sufficient breaks in the middle of your study hours to relax and rejuvenate that will help you study efficiently.

  1. Use technology to the fullest, to help you ace your preparation

Learning the chapters using technology can give you amazing results, as it is more engaging and effective.

  • It gives you access to the best teachers who are well versed in the subject
  • You get to visualize the concept while you learn it
  • The concepts are taught referring to objects and activities that we see, use and do on our daily basis. This makes understanding the concept much simpler, easier and helps you remember it for your life
  • You can learn the lessons in your own pace, at your comfort and can revise them as many times as you want
  • It saves a lot of your time as the concepts are taught in much simpler way

The best part of visual learning is that it simplifies the hardest and the most complex of the topics. Take a look at how learning the concept of Factorization of a Quadratic Polynomial can be so simple

In physics, a concept like “unit vectors”, if learnt the right way using real life examples, can quickly become one of your favorite topics. This video shows you how-


  1. Concentrate on Alternative Problem Solving Techniques

JEE preparation not only requires you to be thorough with the concepts, but also requires you to solve the questions quickly and smartly. Now that you have ample time to prepare for the entrance examination, you need to focus on learning smart alternative techniques that will help you solve the questions much faster. Click the video here, how you can actually solve an IIT Level Geometry question by just using the right approach.

  1. Solve Mock Test Papers & Previous Year JEE Papers

Your smart study plan should also include solving mock test papers first, followed by previous year JEE papers. The reason why we ask you to solve as many mock test papers and previous year JEE papers as possible is because it gives you proper practice and helps you improve your speed in solving the problems. Also, you will be able to establish patterns based on previous years questions and soon reach a level where you can predict question types!

So yes, study hard, but also remember to STUDY SMART.

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