Advantages of Dual enrollment

Dual enrollment (DE) can be defined as ‘A student simultaneously taking another program with the regular school/college which helps them get a associate degree or a vocational certificate’

To get into a dual enrollment, a student has to write an entrance exam which is the eligibility criteria for  getting enrolled for a course. Depending on the type of course chosen, it can be either

  • Full time course
  • Part time course
  • Weekend classes
  • Online classes

There are many types of dual enrollment that students can choose based on what interests them. It can help them in their academics or take up a course to simply pursue a passion along with regular classes. Based on the benefits of taking a dual enrollment course, an individual may choose what is needed.

  1. Academic

Students can take up a dual enrollment program which helps in their academics. This helps to get a associate/bachelor degree . This helps a student to excel academically as it helps in better chances of getting into desired work with other options.

  1. Technical

Students can take up technical courses which will help them to understand the intricacies of various technologies used in everyday life. Technical courses helps to improve problem solving abilities.

  1. Recreational studies

Students can take courses that focus on physical execution of skills rather than intellectual abilities helps to pursue a passion along with the academics. This definitely has an advantage as it helps a student to take an alternate career which helps to break the monotony.

Advantages of taking dual enrollment courses

  • A student can take a course which is not offered in their school/college
  • Since many courses are available online, a student can take these courses at the school level which will help to know the college atmosphere
  • Taking recreational or obscure courses helps a student to pursue their passion without having to worry about uni-directional career.
  • It enhances a student’s experience. By taking a dual enrollment course, a student is exposed to a different field which helps to enhance the learning process.
  • A student gets a chance to pick up a course which is not available in that area, with online or virtual classes a student gets a chance to study and explore something which would have been practically not possible.
  • It adds on to a student’s resume as a dual degree.

But the most important thing to take up a dual enrollment course is the right guidance. A student has to analyze to know which course is the most suitable one and the mode of course. A counsellor can help a student to decide the kind of course that is suitable for a student based on

  • Interest in a subject/field
  • Affinity towards that subject
  • Ability to manage time
  • Capability to ace the course

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