Advantages Of Online Education Explained

Educating the younger generation is necessary, but not all the youth have access to traditional classroom education. While some can’t afford the fees, others might have issues of managing the time. Whether to gain knowledge or graduate or upskill,  online education or e-learning could be the go-to option. With the development of technology and education apps for students, online education in India is expected to grow eight times by 2021 (as per the KPMG India Report). 

Below are various advantages of online learning. 

Wide variety of courses: Whether nursing, maths, science, sociology, accounting or just any other program, the online platform can offer a wide variety of online programs. And more programs are being added every day. 

Lower costs: Online learning is proved to be a more affordable option than traditional colleges. Although not all the online programs are less than traditional college fees, the associated costs such as commuting charges, textbook charges, etc, are certainly reduced. 

Easier access to teachers: In a traditional class, a student needs to ask the questions in the classroom and the teacher has to analyze and answer it in the same class. But in online programs, the student can mail the questions and the teacher can take time to analyze the question thoroughly and answer in detail.

Access to quality teachers: E-learning programs could offer you to learn from the best teachers across the world irrespective of students’ geographical location.

Creation of self-placed learner: E-learning encourages children to learn on their own and at a pace, they are comfortable with. They don’t have live sessions, instead, they have recorded videos.

Study at your comfort: Online education is the most appealing method of learning, considering the other commitments the students might have. The study material, recorded videos, notes, all the other required program materials are available online. This provides an opportunity for students to study at their own comfort. 

Review lectures: It is common for young minds to wander during a lecture. In e-learning programs, even if this happens, students can instantly rewind or replay the video/audio or go through the transcript that has been shared with them.

Flexible learning schedule: Students can plan their schedule as per their convenience. In other words, when the student is studying a complex concept, he can take his own time to understand and analyze the concepts.

Apt for the new generation: Along with the new generation, the technology is booming. It is often observed that the students, at a very young age, start to use e-learning apps and watch other educational videos on their mobiles/laptops. For such a generation, online learning is a piece of cake.

Greener option: E-learning apps for students are the greener alternative to our traditional learning methods. It makes the least impact on the environment.

Personalized learning: E-learning apps like BYJU’S, monitor a student’s study routine and progress. Accordingly, the app provides personalized learning content. 

In a nutshell, technology plays a major role in our life. Online learning has unique benefits to offer. These benefits allow students to balance their life, study at their own pace and become lifelong learners. 


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