NEET – Tips and Instructions

This is an exam organized by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) for undergraduate scholars wanting to pursue a career in the medical/dental field. The AIPMT exam needs not only hard work but also smart work which will give you an edge over other students.

We in this post try to provide you with tips and tricks to not only clear but score well in the AIPMT. Here are some of them that you can follow:

Examination – Just before it

  • Sleep is extremely necessary for a crisp functioning brain. Always have enough sleep before the exam as it may make you sleepy and take away the drive and concentration it takes to write the exam.
  • For chemistry, take a quick look at all the physical chemistry formulas, and for organic chemistry name reactions are very important. Inorganic chemistry requires memorization of reactions and order.
  • Physics has a large segment of numerical and thus requires memorizing the formulas. You should practice a lot in this subject’s case and have the formulas on your fingertips. This help you go through the paper with a pace providing enough time at the end to revise and recheck the questions.
  • Solving papers either previous years or mock tests will help you by mapping the examination and thus you’re speed in the exam will be greater than the multiple times you practiced it at home.
  • DO NOT TRY ANYTHING NEW. Have trust in your content and preparation and just don’t get distracted by any new material that you get hold of.

Day Zero – Exam day

  • Try to reach no less than twenty minutes to the examination center before the paper starts.
  • Remember to take all the essentials you would need in that exam and don’t leave it to the last minute, for instance, admit card, pencils, eraser, sharpener etc. Forgetting the admit card can have serious repercussions as the authority may not allow you to sit for the exam.
  • Allot the first 15 mins to reading the paper and preparing a plan of how and which order you want to tackle the questions.
  • Negative marking is a real thing! Don’t try to guess the answer as it has the probability to go very wrong and you would lose marks.
  • Keeping the above mentioned point in mind, students can easily leave about ten questions in each subject as the cut off for the exam lies between 65-75% .


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