Attempting JEE Mains Again?


A lot of students each year are plagued with this question that would it be a good idea for them to drop for one year focusing totally on JEE preparations. The answer of this query can be dissimilar from person to person based on their specific situation.

This post will try to analyze the different situations each student may be in and then seek out the right answer for them.

Numerous scholars who clear JEE Advanced in their first shot never realize the peril they put themselves in by letting go the seats they were offered before. Normally scholars expect to work hard for the year ahead thinking they would achieve an improved branch or an improved ranking. Your capability of taking the right judgment should alert you of the cost of your choice. You might get uninterested, miserable or even irritated over the subsequent year. There is even a probability that the exam day could turn out to be a bad day in terms of illness, mishap or simply bad fate ruining your day and your shot to go past your current rank.

If you cleared JEE Main with a decent rank but were unsuccessful in your attempt to clear JEE Advanced you have a chance to get admitted in NIT’s and other respectable engineer institutes. One can as well attempt to clear BITSAT and be student of BITS which holds a pretty good repute. You should apply and secure a seat in other institutes as it will save your year and provides some definition to your indefinite future.

The pros will be that firstly you’ll have an extremely clear understanding of the paper pattern and the course structure next time you sit for the exam. Secondly, you will have almost a year to practice and thus the syllabus will be engraved into your memory and comprehension of questions will be easier. Lastly, you have written the exam once and thus know your shortcomings better than others.

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