Mistakes To Avoid In Board Exams

Board exams are the students career’s decisive examinations and just cannot afford to go for leniency. While preparation and hard work is the key to excel, it is also essential to avoid some mistakes to achieve better outcome.

Lets look at five most common mistakes every student need to take care in board examinations.

Avoiding To Read the Question Paper

It is among the most common mistakes students make by not utilizing the first 15 minutes of reading time efficiently. You should read the question paper thoroughly so that you can develop a rough sketch in your mind and manage the allotted time accordingly.

Noting Incorrect Data

Sometimes students copy data incorrectly that is given in the question paper in numerical questions. One needs to take extra care to save a couple of marks in the exam.


If you represent it neat and label it correctly, your diagrams can fetch you easy marks.

Time Management

Managing time is equally important to ace in board exams. You should not spend more than required time on a particular question; else you’ll find it difficult to complete the paper. Students should stick to the word limit allotted for attempting questions of different weightage. Plan in advance how the amount of time you have to dedicate for each question when you read the question paper.

Not Following Hierarchy

Many students answer with no proper planning of the order according to the marks that need to be answered first. Thus, one should constantly analyse the content of their answers by considering the marks according to the marking scheme and then compare with the model papers. This is how you will be able to improve the skill of knowing the hierarchy relevance to content and score well in boards.

Apart from these, neat handwriting, well organized presentation of answers along with sub-divisions and highlighting key words and technical terms also help in scoring good marks.

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