Back to School Time

Dear boys and girls, the last day of your vacation has arrived. Those extra hours of sleep, watching all your favorite television shows non-stop, playing summer games all day, making new friends at the park, visiting grandparents and cousins, etc. will all come to a halt. It’s back to school time. It’s that time of the year where you get a new set of uniforms, books, syllabus and teachers. Its new years at school!

Going back to school need not be boring, you know! It can just be as fun as vacations. So, how do we make “Back to School time, a real fun time! Here you go.

  1. Do your favorite thing today, on the eve of back to school day

Be relaxed and do your all-time favorite thing today. Watch your favorite super-hero movie; visit your favorite ice-cream corner. Meet your best pal and play the game you guys like, have dinner with a bunch of your ‘vacation friends’. Bid adieu to this year’s summer vacation by doing all your best-loved activities.

  1. Be ready for new friends

Meeting new people and making new friends is awesome. Look forward to meet new classmates on your first day at school tomorrow.  New friends bring in new games, talents, hobbies, etc., it’s fun, isn’t it?

  1. Join a new club/sport

If you were in music last year, then it’s time for you to join the dance club. Pro in football already? Go join soccer or chess. Be a sport! Well, if none of the club sounds appealing then start a new club and get your friends and interested folks to join you.

  1. Consider group studies

When you study alone or do your homework alone, you tend to get bored, right? To beat that, you can make a group and work out the math problems together, solve module papers, discuss the most difficult topics etc. Meanwhile have some fun breaks while you study.

  1. Choose to learn a new language at school

If you are good at the regional language by now, opt to learn a foreign language. Learning a new language can be so much fun!

  1. Plan a ‘group lunch day’

Get all your classmates together for a group lunch. Now this is an amazing way to make friends with the entire class and also get to eat a variety of yummy food.

New academic is definitely challenging in terms of new subjects and lessons, higher concepts, and competition. You need to be cool and relaxed to tackle and win them. So are you guys ready for tomorrow?

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