How to beat Exam Stress

Every student whether a high average or below average undergoes a kind of stress as the exam approaches near. Some deal with it by working hard, but some find it tough and lose their focus. Not to worry any more, since here we are with some useful tips to overcome exam stress.

Start your preparation well before the exam

Make sure the schedule you’ve done has sufficient time for revision. Any good test-taker believes that revision is more important than your first-time study. Therefore, start your study much before exams so that you have sufficient time for revision.

Understand the concepts, don’t mug up

Try to understand the concepts and relate it to real time examples. It will make you remember for a longer time. If you mug up, you may forget the lines and end up making a mess in your exams.

Think about the time after the exams

Just imagine that you have successfully completed your exams and bring a smile on your face. It actually works, and you start taking interest in your preparation.

Work Hard and be Positive

Keep telling yourself that your hard work is going to bring fruitful result and won’t go in vain. Keep working on your task and you will achieve what you wanted.

Have a good buddy

Associate yourself with a classmate who is good at any subject you have trouble to cover, and get solutions and clarify all your doubts. A friend can teach you in a better and frank manner than a teacher who does it in a formal way.

Get enough sleep

Sleep when you are feeling sleepy and forget everything else. Don’t think anything and have a calm and composed mind. It keeps your mind fresh and active for a longer time.

Eat healthy food

Avoid spicy and junk food as possible. Eat home made food; avoid spicy at least in exam time to keep you away from any diseases, since you don’t want to get admitted in a hospital when your friends are writing exams.

Eat Dark Chocolates – According to study, dark chocolates have over 70% cocoa that fights the stress hormone cortisol and provides an overall relaxing effect on the body. Chocolate releases endorphins that act as a natural stress fighter.

Make use of diagrams and graphs

While you make notes, make sure that you have a figure or associated graph for every possible concept. It helps you remember better and make revisions at the last moment.

Have a happy mood

Sit on the exam desk before sufficient time you get the question paper. Think that your preparation is well up to the mark, and you will undoubtedly perform well no matter what questions are going to appear. Have a smile and stay calm!

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