3 Benefits of Having Class 11 & 12 Syllabus for JEE Entrance

To all the IIT JEE aspirants, it’s time for a sigh of relief as the preparations for JEE entrance examination will include class 11 & 12 syllabus only.  For the concern expressed by the government recently that the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for the admission of IIT – Indian Institute of Technology sometimes has degree level questions which is hard for class 12 students to answer, The Union Minister of HRD, Smriti Irani at a press conference stated that the JEE papers will include questions from class-12 syllabus only.

The earlier question papers that included questions of higher level resulted in unnecessary pressure on students and increase in the number of failures in the examination.

The questions being beyond class 12 syllabus is also another reason why the coaching system thrived. Therefore, the Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani has assured the government in written that the JEE papers will include questions from the class-12 syllabus only.

3 Reasons Why This Move by the HRD Ministry is the Best:

  1. Defined Curriculum

You know where to look for your syllabus now! Yes, your class 11 & 12 books prescribed by NCERT are all that you need to refer to. So, your preparation for JEE can go in hand with the preparation of CBSE and you can focus on solving 10 important problems in place of 1000 random questions from different books and study materials. It also helps you study in a very systematic way and doubles your chance to crack JEE and makes your way easy to the most reputed IIT’s.

  1. Depth of the Topic

With the defined curriculum you will be able to learn the subjects and the concepts in depth and understand them thoroughly. Check out how Chapter Units of Vector is explained in depth in this video. Learning your lessons this way will last longer than just for exams.

  1. Focus on Alternative Problem Solving Techniques

You know what to study now, therefore you can focus on different approaches to solve questions. You can start learning some smart and alternative techniques which will help you solve problems easier and much faster. Want to see how? Look at this video here.

Now that the JEE questions will include only class-12 syllabus, and has so many advantages to it, we believe that you guys will make the most use of it. If you can make up your mind to learn the concepts, and understand them than mugging up, you are sure to score more than what you have expected. Well, to add to your efforts and dreams, you always have Byju’s by your side – to help you learn better and score your best!


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