Best Books for Class 10th and 12th

CBSE 10th and 12th examinations are always critical and choosing the correct books for preparation are a major matter of concern. CBSE exams are just around the corner; students have geared up with all those books and preparatory material. So it’s important to know which books to prefer for study.

For CBSE, boards students mostly refer to the textbooks published by NCERT as they are prescribed by the board and considered sufficient. However, to have an understanding of concepts covered under different sub-topics, in a different manner; along with the NCERT books, one must also refer to these below-mentioned books. Apart from NCERT, you can study NCERT Guide and NCERT solutions.

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Mathematics Class 10th and 12th

For Mathematics which is one of the scoring subject and for all those who want to score the best marks should refer Part1 and Part2 by R D Sharma. It covers a lot of important problems apart from solved examples. Other than R D Sharma, you can refer Together with Mathematics and U like Papers. Try to solve as many previous years question papers and sample papers. These are the books which are mostly referred and have positive feedback.

English Class 10th and 12th

When it comes to English exam, students should be prepared in the most functional manner. One has to read the lessons and be sure of theme, characters and value points. NCERT textbooks for English; Flamingo and Vistas are enough for the literature section. Poems and chapters should be read in details.  Writing and reading sections should be practiced regularly from U-like papers, previous year question papers and other sample papers. Here are other books like CBSE Class 10 Interaction in English literature Reader and CBSE Class 10 Interact in English Workbook.

Chemistry Class 10th and 12th

For Chemistry, you can trust NCERT and be perfect with each and every named reaction along with the diagrams and equations. Along with NCERT, solve as many questions of Together with Chemistry. It contains lot of questions along with answers and gives you proper idea on how to write the answer in a correct manner because Chemistry subject does not contain any detailed or lengthy answers. You need to have an exact definition, its balanced equation and its diagrammatic representation.

Biology Class 10th and 12th

For Biology again, go for NCERT textbook. It has all the important diagrams and correct explanation and does not miss any point. If you want to solve previous years question papers, that’s well and good. But no need to refer other additional reference comprehensive books. If you are thorough with NCERT syllabus it’s more than enough.

These books are the most preferred and sold in maximum amount. The publisher for the set of Physics, Chemistry and Biology is Tata McGraw Hill Education Private limited.

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