What Are The Best Textbooks For CBSE XII PCM

Each year in the months of March to April CBSE holds the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISCSE). Entrance examinations of many colleges are also held in this section of the year. Thus, CBSE Class 12th exams hold significance, not only because performing well in them is an academic confidence booster, but also due to the fact that studying for them paves a path for a better result in entrance exams as well. Students will have to put their priorities in order so as to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. This encompasses being cautious in the variety of reference material you read and work on creating and then sticking to an organized schedule.What are the best textbooks for CBSE XII PCMBest Reference book for Class 12th (CBSE) – Physics, Chemistry, Math’s

Students should try to get done with their NCERT textbooks about 5-6 months in advance of their boards. It’s not that difficult, trust me. This will leave you a lot of time to go through this assortment of carefully selected reference books. NCERT books will be adequate for a general understanding of the text. To clear your concepts and give some solid framework for the competitive exams one can go through the following books-

Class 12th Physics – HC Verma is a helpful book in this subject cause covers the most favorable content necessary for board exams. For a deeper comprehension of the subject one can move on to Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics as the book clarifies concepts in detail and has a lot of solved examples

Class 12th Chemistry – Pradeeps chemistry, OP Tandon and Modern ABC by Dr. S.P. Jauhar are few of the books one should consider when trying to gain an edge over other students.

Class 12th Math’s – RD Sharma (for commerce scholars) is a book that has a good assortment of question. ML Khanna and RS Aggarwal are good too.

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