The Best Revision Techniques

Need help focusing on revision? You don’t need this, trust me.
Need help focusing on revision? You don’t need this, trust me.

Start brushing up on your revision early — i.e. months, not days before the examination. Make a schedule to strategize your reviewing process and stick to it.

Don’t devote ages making your notes look pretty — this is just wasting time. For instance in diagrams, should comprise of all the details you need to learn, but don’t try to create a work of art.

Take small breaks — each hour, not every 10 minutes.

Take a nap on your examination notes — this will facilitate you to revise by the process of osmosis. If one is attempting to do this, it’s considered best not to study anything until the evening before the exam. The subject should stick a review schedule under their cushion and when they wake up the next day, they’ll find the complete content of the books has been absorbed into their grey matter.

In study vacation, start revision timely i.e. 9am — that way you will get your day’s work completed much faster and will have time to relax in the evening.

Stick revision notes all around your house so that in the examination you think — “aha, quadratic equations, I stuck them on the television…”

Sit at a appropriate desk – Don’t try to revise the material in bed — you’ll be asleep in the land of red igloos and monsters before you can say “Revision”.

Don’t Procrastination – it means reorganizing stuff on your table, getting a impulsive urge after 16 years to organize your room, , thinking about the weekend, playing the guitar writing love poems about that girl/boy you fancy, etc., etc, etc,… Sit down at your desk and GET ON WITH IT.

Don’t just recite your notes — you have to WRITE STUFF DOWN. This is real simple “how to revise” info. For the complete particulars, read our other blogs and keep tuned!

Don’t turn into a revision whitewalker — if you stop doing anything else but revision you’ll turn into a whitewalker. It’s really significant that you have time to do things you enjoy… like a frisbee, nose-picking, shopping, sports, cinema, rock-climbing, making model planes, whatever suits you… When you’re doing these try to unwind and totally not focus on revision.

Do lots of practice exam papers – This is particularly important as you get near to the exams — We have plenty available (another barefaced advert).

Read the exam timetable properly — double-check, so you don’t miss an exam and have plenty of time to prepare for it.

Find the right environment to reviseNOT while watching the TV. NOT while listening to music. Music can occasionally be OK, but you require to find the exact kind. It’s got to be music that’s just there as a background that the scholar is not thinking of, at all. Music without vocals is better as you won’t be desirous to dance about your room like a big fool.

Don’t dawdle with the anxious, fearful people on the day of the examination — they’ll just tense you up, which doesn’t aid at all.

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