How Byju’s Is Breaking The Barriers of Online Tutorials

Online tutoring is not a mere buzzword now. It is a saviour to the children who are lacking quality education. Online tutoring has several problems that have not been addressed lately, until our founder, Mr Byju Raveendran, came forward to strike a balance with his unique vision. Online tuition is a way to deliver lessons through online mode on a device. We face several problems like infrastructure, internet connectivity. low attendance, no feedback mechanism etc in delivering the lessons online – but Byju’s robust plan which counteracts these problem have made use the best Education technology organisation in the country.

Let’s see how Byju’s is ruling the education sector roost.


No internet connectivity? No problem.
The population in this world is approximately 7 billion. In the year 2014, 60% of the people in the world are using internet. In India, the internet penetration is about 34%. With this number, the objective of providing online learning to the mass seems like a failure. But not when the vision to provide affordable, quality education was in the most determined mind of Byju Raveendran. He broke the barrier of internet connectivity by uploading the video lessons in a tablet. So that students can watch the lessons and learn whenever they get time, without worrying about availability of internet in the room. This solution have revolutionized the way a student learn and the world if online tutoring.

Learning is fun with Byju’s : Byju have reestablished the fun part in learning. Recognizing the concept and asking the question how did it happen and being inquisitive, is restored in a child. The chalk and board learning will give up on kindling the creativity of the student. With visual learning, the child gains a different perspective on learning a concept, which he/she can cherish for his lifetime. Online tuition have been given a new name with this app which help in leveraging the focus on learning and not marks.

Personal Mentoring:
It’s a known fact that the inquisitive mind asks a lot of questions. If at any point of time while watching the video lessons, the student gets a doubt that has be be addressed, they can call or email their queries to us and our academic experts are available to clarify any doubts that they may have.

Parental App:
Anxious parent’s question about tablet learning is put to rest by the parental app that will be installed once they buy the full course. The parents can keep a track of what their child is learning and how are they improving in their subjects.

For the uninitiated, this online tuition app, as we put it, is the best app to go for delivering the lessons, the best way.

As Byju would say – Learn for life, fall in love with learning. Don’t learn for marks.

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