The Curious Case Of Overburdening Of Studies In 11th!

Ever wondered what happens to students that score above 90 percentile in the 10th board examinations? Do they become winners in life, after all, owing to such a good start? A study of about 1,00,000 students across India shows that most of the students that score well on 10th exams are unable to cope up in 11th and may face a problem even clearing certain subjects to get promoted to 12th. Eventually, they do adapt themselves to the enormous jump in level of studies from class 10th to 11th and overcome the challenges. But do not be fooled, for this transformation does not come easily to anyone!

The biggest problem is the lack of information about the same that ensures that students remain unprepared for the challenge that they have to face in 11th. When the level of studies become twice as challenging, and mugging up equations and solutions no longer help to score good marks and neither help you get admission in any of the coveted engineering nor medical colleges. That is when the harsh reality hits you about the effects of faulty learning methods.

One of the many ways to avoid such a situation is to mend your learning modes in advance. The often heard but rarely put to practice approach. Learning by visualization, for a better understanding of the concept, and its real-time application.

Though a lot of the stress that builds up among students has a lot to do with distraction due to the phone, TV, etc. It’s no more unusual for students to remember movies or even advertisements that they must have seen years ago but forget the simple concepts that they studied merely a few days back. And why not? Have they not taken over our lives entirely? Apps, games, social media they are everywhere you look.

The good thing though is that you can still turn the distraction in your favor and that too without much hassle. The various videos that explain physics and math and chemistry concepts beautifully with the help of animation and graphics impact the mind in a much greater way than books will ever be able to.

Making use of such technology will certainly help you solve your biggest challenges that you face on 11th but it’s recommended that you start studying in the same manner since the beginning, so there be no transition phase where you find yourself facing difficulty.

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