CBSE Group Math Olympiad

The Mathematical Olympiad or Math Olympiad is renowned for unearthing future mathematical geniuses both at the domestic and international levels. The Central Board of Secondary Education has been running its own Mathematics Olympiad for the students studying in the schools recognized by them owing to the board being accredited with the position as an autonomous group by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) back in the year 1997. Every year the Olympiad is conducted across the country in the month of December at various centres. From this year forward it would be held in the month of October. The limit of students selected to participate in the event (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) run by NBHM) would be up to 30 with an extra space for 5 girls. The students who are selected at the national level would only be able to take part at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Aim of the Group Mathematical Olympiad (GMO)

Everyone is aware of the fact that mathematics is an integral part of science and technology and the advancements in this domain. The GMO aims at the following purposes:

  • To spot talented students in the field of Mathematics.
  • Create chances for students to tackle difficult math problems.
  • Create awareness of the importance of excelling in the domain of Mathematics.
  • Mentor the students to select professions in the field of Mathematics.

Who Can Participate In CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad

  • Studying who are currently studying in class IX, X or XI could take part in this event. It should be noted that there would be a common question paper for all of them. Also students doing well in class VIII may also take part.
  • A school could support up to five students in this event.
  • The schools have to ensure that they have carried out a screening test for those five students.

Examination Date and Time

  • The exam would be conducted on Sunday 16th October, 2016.
  • The time duration for the exam would be 3 hours (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm).

Exam Fees

The exam fees for the GMO would be a sum of Rs. 100/-. It should be noted that the fees paid by participating students has to be transferred to the state coordinator by the

Principal of the participating school.

Last Date to Apply

The Candidates has to send the fees with their respective details to the state coordinator of exam by September 5 2016.

How to Apply for the Exam

  • The state exam coordinator (venue school) would be provided with the names of the participating candidates by the principals of the participating schools.
  • The required details of the participating candidates would include name, date of birth, gender, father’s name, class, permanent address, address of school, student’s contact number, email id.
  • Only students registered under the participating school could appear for the exam.
  • Complete details about the students should be mentioned in the admit card issued by the participating school.
  • The Photograph in the admit card should by attested by the principal of the participating school and contain the student’s signature.

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