CBSE Improvement Exam – Because Everyone Deserves A Second Chance.

Did your marks in the CBSE class 12 board not meet your expectation? Was it too low for getting admission in the colleges of your choice? The CBSE improvement examination might just be the answer for you. It is a chance to improve their marks for those who think they can score better if taken one more chance. Let us look at what exactly this exam is and how it works.CBSE Improvement Exam

What is it and who can apply?

The CBSE Improvement examination is a fairly recent addition to the CBSE calendar. It was started to give the students who are not satisfied with their results another shot at scoring well. If you apply for the Improvement exam, you will be taking the Class 12 board exams one more time the next year. It must, however, be noted that it is only for those who have passed in all the subjects and want to take the exam only for the purpose of improving their marks. Those who have failed have to take the Compartmental exam which is held in the same year.

How many subjects can be applied?

You can take the exam for one particular subject or all the five subjects if you want to. Academic experts at Byju’s suggest that if you decide to appear for the Improvement exam, it is better to appear for all of them. Otherwise, there may be some complications in admission to IITs and certain other institutions.

Date and Process of Examination

Students who appear for the Improvement exam will be given the same exam date as regular students with the same set of question papers. There is no discrimination or special treatment in that area. However, they will not have to attend school to appear for it. The results will be declared at the same time as that of the regular students and a new mark-sheet will be generated with the revised marks in it.

If you are thinking that it will be difficult to score well without the proper guidance of a school, you are probably thinking right. Visiting can be of immense help in that situation. With our innovative teaching techniques, learning will be fun and the results will reflect it.

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