CBSE Asks Schools to Reduce Homework and Number of Books for Students of – Classes 1 to 8

CBSE Schools

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked schools not to load children from class 1 and 2 with homework. It has also ordered schools to put down a load of school bags by reducing the number of books they have to carry every day.

“Heavier school bags are known to have adverse effects on the health of growing children, and if such bags are used for a prolonged period, the impact may well be irreversible. Young children whose spines are at a crucial stage of growth are the most susceptible ones to hazards such as back pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain, fatigue and in extreme cases the distortion of the spinal cord or shoulders that may most plausibly be attributed to heavy school bags,” reads the CBSE circular.

As per the new CBSE circular, the schools will have to-

  • Redesign their timetable and curriculum
  • Deploy alternative methods of teaching

The introduction of e-learning can be the best answer that matches the new CBSE rules. Children will be able to learn their lessons directly from one platform. E-learning will not only eliminate the load of school bags of students but will also enhance the learning experience.In addition to this, it will also bring down the total time taken to learn concepts. For example: How about learning the concept of electricity in just 5mins? Can’t believe it? Then take a look.

Learning via technology offers several other benefits too. To name a few-

  • It brings India’s best teachers to teach you at a personal level
  • Answer every curious mind’s questions with interesting answers
  • Save on some time for the little minds to explore the world and learn new things
  • Make them independent and initiate self-learning
  • Gives students personalized learning experience
  • Learn smart and quick techniques that will help them crack competitive exams

Overall, e-learning will help students learn better and learn not just for exams, but for life!

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