Class 10 Boards Likely To Make A Comeback In 2018

Class 10 Boards likely to make a comeback in 2018

Students, who are in class 9, take note of this valuable information!

2018 is going to bring in changes to the exam pattern of class 10 students with the reintroduction of the Boards. The chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Rajesh Chaturvedi announced that the system of evaluation through examination for class 10 students, which was optional earlier, will be revived from the academic year 2018.

To reduce the burden of writing stressful exams, the CBSE had scrapped board exams for class 10 back in 2010 and had replaced it with continuous and comprehensive evaluation. Considering the feedback the CBSE board now feels that doing away with board exams has brought down the academic standards and therefore, class 10 students should be made to write descriptive answers in their school leaving examination.

Why did the government make this move?

The focus behind this move by the CBSE board is to improve the quality of education and academic standards and to help children stay curious and grow with education. Another crucial reason for reintroducing board exams for class 10 is to give them a hang of how ‘board exams’ are before they appear for it in class 12 which is supposed to be an important examination of their life and also to bring down the number of failures in class 11.

The reintroduction of board exams for class 10 is going to benefit students in many other ways.

3 benefits of having board exams for class 10

  1. Handle & Balance Stress

The reason why board exams were removed earlier was to keep children away from the stress of exams. But, the entire process of board examination is like an experience by itself that teaches how to learn the lessons in the right way, manage time and plan and prioritize learning. When you know how to prepare in the right way, you learn how to handle stress and balance it very well.

  1. Best Self Analysis

School exam lets you compete with your classmates. But, board exam is a challenge where you compare yourself to class 10 students across India. If you score well in your class 10 boards, then you know you have achieved it. If you don’t, then it’s a wake-up call for you to perform better in future.

  1. ‘Test Match’ Before Class 12 Boards

Treat your class 10 board exam as a test match for class 12 boards. The entire process of visiting a different school to write the exam, being unaware of who evaluates your answer sheets and being curious about the results is all an experience by itself.  It is good to be familiar with the process of board exams when you are in class 10,so you can face your class 12 boards confidently!

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