When The Competition Is Fierce, And Motivation Is Low

In today’s time of tough competition especially in the field of medicine and engineering, it’s natural if a student feels stressed regarding his studies and future. This happens due to lack of right guidance at the right time and improper study methods. No matter how much hard work or effort you may put into your preparation, if not focused in the right direction, your efforts may become futile.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for Board exams and JEE/NEET entrances.

  1. This is the time when most of your classmates opt for coaching classes as well as tuitions. There is absolutely no need to follow anyone blindly. Think for yourself. Take up additional help if required but stick to self-study and believe in yourself.
  2. Many students feel that school examinations are not crucial as there will be no record of that later, what they fail to realize is that the same syllabus will be asked in the board Few prestigious colleges like BITS Pilani do not accept candidates are having board percentage lower than 75%. Take your board exams very seriously.
  3. If you take additional coaching with school and are finding it difficult to find time for self-study, then the only way to strike a balance is to study the adaptive way. This will save your time as well as help you analyze your weak areas.
  4. For students who are lagging behind in school or coaching in either 11th or 12th, go for short term crash courses. This will not only help you get back on track but also build your confidence and boost your revision.
  5. Always be goal oriented. If you fail to score well in a particular exam or test instead of getting disheartened about it, think of improving yourself. There is nothing you can’t achieve, and it’s never too late to mend.
  6. Refer to one study material, too many referral books can cause confusion as different writers have different ways of solving problems and numerical that may pertain to the same concept but will be difficult for you to understand. Go for a study material that is done by IITians and NITians.
  7. Use online and offline tools for preparation such as educational apps, online mentoring, webinars to plan your schedule and to stay up to date with the current pattern of IIT-JEE/NEET exams.
  8. As they say in one of the IIT’s ‘’Shramam Vina Na Kimapi Sadhyam which means that nothing can be achieved without hard work so give your best.

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