Conventional Versus Interactive Learning

How can we gain learner’s undivided attention? – is the most common stress posed by many parents and educational institutions. What if we tell you that you can learn the concepts using the visual context used by cartoon channels. Yes, there is a way, read on.
These days, you are dealing with those generation of learners that are using mobile devices extensively, have short attention span, patienceless, and who want everything Right Now. How do we get their attention while learning? The answer lies in participative and interactive learning.

The major downside of traditional learning is that, the pedagogy is teacher-centric rather than being learner centric. The traditional teaching methods that uses chalk and dusters now have to make way for technology driven, learner centric techniques of learning.

With the new teaching methodology, the students gets to fix his own time of classes. He has the option to re attend the classes through recording of live sessions – all this from the luxury of their own home. Implementing interactive learning system not only will accomplish the aim of making the topic understandable to the students but also retention power will increase. How? Since, listening or reading are the only two activities a learner does when he is in a traditional learning setting, which is also called passive learning, he cannot retain much information.
Lets look at the results of the study by Language Bridge Technologies on retention power:

Conventional vs Interactive learning

Interactive teaching approach falls in the ‘seeing and doing’ while learning bracket . Online classes make use of all the activities simultaneously that makes learning fun and engaging.
Interactive teaching approach keeps the learners engaged and helps a long way in making him consume the content in a more accurate manner. Automated evaluation platform makes it very easy to measure the success of the individual learner. Parents can also check on their kid’s performance metrics with the centralised actionable evaluation mechanism.

e-Learning C or virtual classes are comparatively cheaper than the tuition fees of brick and mortar schools.
Byjus – is the most trusted leading interactive learning mobile app used in India. Byjus, the mobile app edutech organisation, which was started in the year 2008 has come long way since then. It now provides tablet or hand-held device based mode of delivery of classes that is trusted by 2 million families for fulfilling educational needs. Byju Raveendran, hailing from a family of teachers, believes in personalised learning method and have witnessed outstanding success in teaching the students with his project. With so many pros of learner centric interactive learning methods, it has a long way to go. Do you want  to make the best out of interactive learning? Download the app from here and let the journey begin!  

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