Difference between Classroom Learning and Video Learning


We have been seeing a tremendous chance and improvement in the education system. May it be the syllabus that has been revised for better, or the teaching methodology, we can see a lot of progress made to upgrade and boost learning for students. The educational institutes are now equipped with advanced e-learning systems to make the most complex concepts seem very simple. Though the e-learning concept has been introduced, it has not been accepted and implemented to its best. Not all the children today are lucky enough to access the new system because a lot of our parents still believe and want experienced teachers with a list of degrees to teach their kids in the classroom blackboard format.

I would like to give you some of the most evident differences between classroom learning and video learning for those who still feel classroom learning is the best for their children.

Classroom Learning Video Learning
1 One teacher for a class full of students One-on-one personalized teaching and learning
2 Traditional teachers and traditional teaching methodology Student friendly teachers and modern teaching methodology
3 Focused on completing the portions for exams Focused on learning and understanding one concept at a time
4 Teaching and learning happens at a stipulated time. Teaching and learning is done at your own pace.
5 Limited or NO time to share study tips and techniques. Every concept is taught with logics and learning techniques.
6 Classroom teaching has no visuals to explain the concepts Video learning is equipped with enticing visuals and real-life examples for better understanding of the concepts
7 Tests and analysis are conducted once in a quarter including 3 to 4 chapters in a subject Tests are taken chapter wise with in-depth analysis
8 Revisions happen only if time permits All the topics can be revised as many times as required
9 Classroom learning is monotonous and boring Video learning is more fun and adaptive with interesting visuals and examples

The content watched on a video remains in our memory for a longer period than the content read in the form of text. Also, a video gives room to explain the concepts in detail using different technologies and skills that come out in the form of rich visuals. Where classroom teaching helps students study, video lessons indeed help them learn the concepts with perfection. It can just get your children fall in love with learning. Make them better learners by introducing them to video learning today!

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