Being Studious Is Dangerous!

Studious is spending a lot of time studying and yes you read that right; it is indeed dangerous on your part to be studious and if you are wondering why here are the reasons,

  1. Being studious often involves too many hours with your books, so much that you are not left with any hobby or time to develop any social skills.

“ All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

  1. With the success that usually accompanies such dedicated study schedule, comes the performance pressure to perform well. There will be times when you will fail to achieve your target due to some reason or the other, but remember failure is the stepping stone to success.
  2. You are likely to be too immersed in studies to be applying, innovating and experimenting with all that is being taught to you. A study showed that about 80% of students in India depend on mugging up concepts rather than understanding them. About 14% were able to apply their studies in their career later on.
  3. This unhealthy habit of mugging up is because the concepts are unclear, and wanting to score well does more harm than you can imagine. When preparing for higher studies and competitive entrance exam like NEET, IIT-JEE, CAT, etc. these habits can pose a huge drawback.
  4. Science students always have to learn from where they left. Science is very conceptual, so be it engineering or medical, if your basics are not clear you will face a huge problem when you join college.

Technology has come a long way and had solutions to all problems that you may have today. The students who are passionate about science or feel that they do not get enough time after school to explore their hobbies and talents or in general want to study in a more conceptual based, and application-oriented manner may choose to do so with the help of Byju’s the learning app.

This app has been specially designed for students to learn in the form of video lecture that is modified according to the needs to the students. All concepts are portrayed in visual graphics to boost understanding and memory. This will help in saving time for other activities but also ensures that you do not fall into wrong methods of study.

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