Do You Study Just To Pass Your Exams

The marks you score in exam directly or indirectly show your efforts in preparation. But the highlighting confusion is, whether one should study for scoring well or for one’s knowledge purpose. To be more precise, the knowledge will always have a better priority than for the sake of passing. Getting good marks definitely gives you an identity in terms of a figure that you have owned, irrespective of the way you did it. But there’s no point in scoring well and forgetting the whole thing you learnt soon after passing high school. You are bound to face a lot of difficulty in later stages of life.

Nobody is concerned about your 10th and +2 percentage after you are hired. If you are not able to work and adapt yourself to a corporate environment, what’s the use of 90 and above percentage in your high school, or degree? Always remember the difference between a number and the impact. Sure there is a difference between a student with 90% and the other with 60%. The one with 90% has better and broader opportunities and possibilities of better future, but this does not mean that a 60% student cannot survive. There are fields for every individual based on the interest and capabilities.

Just like diversity is in our DNA, every student is not born as a topper or above average. If there were no farmers, the rich had to eat money. Similarly, if every individual becomes a doctor or engineer, who will sell the vegetables and who will monitor the traffic at traffic signals. Think about it and choose according to your perspective, not others.

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