Five Things That Happen When You Don’t Understand What You Are Studying

1. You are bored easily!You are bored easilyIt is a proven theory that if you randomly try to mug up a bunch of formulas, equations or derivations that you haven’t understood, you are likely to get bored easily. Because you are not making use of any logic, your brain feels dull and therefore you feel bored.

2. You tend to forget. A lot!You tend to forget. A lot

Cheating is often the last resort for students that keep forgetting important formulae and equations. What no one realizes is that the time spends in writing those formulas on your hand and chits are usually the time you require to etch those formulas deep in your mind. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself!

Step 1: Write a concept down

Step 2: Watch a video explaining the concept

Step 3: Derive the formula using basic equations (refer textbook derivation if required)

Congratulations! You will now never forget the concept or the formulae.

3. Life seems complicatedLife seems complicated

All that mugging up may help you once or twice in scoring well in class tests and exams but will eventually make you unsure and confused. Slowly there will come a time where nothing that is being taught or has been taught will make sense to you. Life in general and studies, in particular, will start to seem difficult.

4. You fail to applyYou fail to apply

How are you to apply what you did not understand yourself in the first place? The main aim of learning is not to merely get good marks or a good enough degree; you should be able to apply all that you learn. That is the only way you can bring a change, discover new applications, be aproblem solver and a real achiever.

5. Preparing for any entrance exam will become a nightmarePreparing for any entrance exam will become a nightmare

If you wish to crack any entrance exam in future like NEET, JEE, NDA, UPSC,etc., you need to stop cramming right away before it becomes a permanent habit. Your understanding and concept grasping abilities must be sharp,and your application of concepts must be quick so that the preparation for any entrance exam becomes relatively easy.

If you have experienced any of the above things, you need serious mentorship and a change in study method.

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