Is the E-learning Method of Learning More Beneficial Than Traditional Methods?

Is E learning method of learning more beneficial than the traditional methods

The Indian education system has witnessed a massive change with the advent of the internet revolution, digital technology advancements, and technological innovations. Today, education apps for students can be easily availed through online or mobile learning due to increased smartphone penetration. 

These digital advancements allow the children to learn from the best educational apps. Personalized learning is made possible through the effective implementation of technology.  It offers learners detailed analysis, customized feedback, access to quality teachers, and the best of visual aids that make learning experiences enriching and long-lasting. 

Here are five factors that make e-learning more beneficial for young learners.

Learning Control: E-learning gives control to the learner, whereas traditional learning keeps control of the instructor. The option to learn and decide the pace at which the learner wants to understand makes learning more impactful. Educational apps for kids and adults alike, cater to the learner and puts them in control of their learning requirements.  

Flexibility: The content and learning material in an e-learning course is available for the learner at any point of day or night. They can access the content as per their convenience and are not held back by the constraints of attending a class and meeting the instructor in person to get the information they need.

The other aspect of flexibility is the ease of updating the content. E-learning content can easily be revised, and updating is done regularly as opposed to traditional learning materials where the updates happen at less frequent intervals, and the costs of updating are quite high.

Accessibility: Unlike traditional learning methods where the content and access to learning material ends with the instructor, e-learning allows learners to get their hands on multiple topics, reading material and references and not be dependent on one classroom lecture. 

Creative mediums like videos: E-learning has triggered the creation of the best educational apps for kids, where learning is made effective through the use of visual aids. Research accounts  75 percent of their sense of sight to learn, 13 percent of their listening skills and 12 percent is attributed to other senses. Therefore, e-learning programs are crafted with this knowledge and engages with the learners through a combination of videos that have animations and 3D/2D images that foster better learning. 

Chunking: Information overload is vastly prevented in e-learning as important concepts are broken down into simple formats that help retention. The mix of videos, assessments, and other learning aids breaks the monotony of classroom-based learning.  This factor also comes into play when various e-learning platforms create educational apps for toddlers. The benefit of this process helps in keeping the learner engaged and motivated to complete the lesson. 

While these factors are primary reasons for the success of e-learning, technology in education is also helping in creating a game-like learning experience. Students are taught important concepts through various games and movie-like experiences. These elements motivate and encourage children to learn out of curiosity as opposed to being forced by teachers or parents. Another interesting aspect of e-learning methods is that parents can be deeply involved in the students’ learning journeys through special parent access. They can understand their child’s learning graphs and help them to do better. 

Overall, e-learning is gradually winning over students and parents alike. Its unique blend of various mediums and delivery formats all supported by technology makes learning engaging, personalized, and effective. The integration of education and technology has begun to change the learning model of ‘one-to-many’ to ‘one-on-one’ learning model where the personalized learning experiences in the truest sense is more effective and fun for students.

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