E-learning Trends to Enhance Your Lessons

  1. Flipped Classroom

This style is perhaps the most prevalent in the contemporary classroom. It involves turning the traditional course of a lecture hall ‘upside down’. Under this style, scholars do their homework in advance before going to class so the restricted time they have with the lecturer is used to emphasize on more pleasing and enriching activities.

  1. PBL (Project-Based Learning)

This trend is referred to by a variety of names. Although, its codes are quite clear and leave no scope for doubts. The thought behind PBL is to encompass learning outside the theoretical concepts so scholars can face real ventures, similar to those in the working environment.

  1. Deeper Learning

Deeper learning enables scholars to put their core academic knowledge to actual life circumstances. Since this style also emphasizes on learning by doing, it has some resemblances with the project-based learning method; though, there are some important differences.

  1. Gamification

One of the chief elements in this learning method that all experts settle on is scholar motivation and that’s exactly the fundamental of gamification. Gamification involves the act of turning learning into a game, so scholars progress without even realizing. This method has been used for years in pre-school teaching and in particular subjects with awesome results so why not use it in more regions?

  1. Mobile Learning

Mobile devices are a large part of our day-to-day life. I bet you’re using it at the moment to read this post or, at least, it’s within your reach. Am I right? That’s the reason why mobile devices are the finest tool to extend your learning process and to access study content universally, at any time.

  1. Bring your Own Device (BYOD)

While the notion of mobile learning appeals largely to students, BYOD emphasises on the teaching viewpoint and encourages every scholar to bring their personal device to class so as to follow the lesson. In this sense, there are a massive number of education apps that educators can use to strategize an appealing lesson. Why don’t you try Byjus The Learning App now?

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