E-learning – A Vital Element for Education Today


Try asking a child whom they look up to or maybe who they want to be when they grow up or who they want to become when they grow up? More often than not, they talk about tech icons like Steve Jobs, Sundar Pichai, and Bill Gates. The immediate question that pops up after hearing them is, how do they know all this, they are so young? Well, constant access to information is the answer. It is amazing to see how children as young as 2-3 years learn their first alphabets, sounds,etc. from education channels online or on YouTube channels. Use of technology has brought in disruptive changes in the way children learn today. It has charted out a whole new way of learning for the younger generations. Observing these advancements, e-learning or education through technology has become vital for children across grades.

Why is e-learning is vital?E-learning combines teachers, videos, interactive and innovative technology to deliver personalised learning, feedback, and assessments. Studies show that children extensively use their senses to learn in which the sense of sight accounts to 75%, hearing 13% and the remaining 12% other factors. Hence, sessions/lessons should be delivered in a way which will engage students and make learning efficient and personalised.

BYJU’s – The learning app personalises learning based on size and style of learning of every student. The app merges videos, interactives and teachers to bring concepts to life which makes understanding concepts easy and relatable. Case in point – Students will understand the concept of ‘Heat’ better if they could visualize it with a teacher explaining the entire process to them over a video rather than reading it in a book.

Why? The reason is pretty simple. A video is a combination of audio and visual elements which enables them to see heat, how it’s produced and how it travels and hear about it simultaneously making it easy to understand more impactful.

Also, the power of visualization is supreme, especially with children. We all know how well kids remember dialogues of their favorite cartoon characters. Without even knowing, they start imitating and singing TV commercial jingles. All this is possible not because they are memorizing it, this can be attributed to the impact that visuals have on their minds. Things get registered faster which they watch videos.The same principle applies in e-learning too. Children learn better when they visualize and also remember it forever. Benefits of e-learning are immense, and it has emerged as a vital part of education today. In fact, it opens up a plethora of options for students which aids in making the whole learning experience better by,

  • Offering access to best teachers irrespective of the student’s geographical location
  • Making learning simple, engaging and effective
  • Encouraging students to take the initiative to learn on their Empowering students to become lifelong learners; hence preparing them for any school exams– cuts down stress and pressure of exam
  • Giving them more time to play, and build on their hobbies and talents
  • Enabling students to be systematic and self-learners

So, now we know why e-learning is vital for education!

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