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Seven Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Cats!

Team StoryWeavers|September 14, 2022, 12:29 IST|

Hello young learners,

Do you love cats? Would you call yourself a cat person? Whether you have a pet or love looking at them play, you could agree that cats are delightful animals.  Let’s get to know some amazing facts about them. 

🐱Cats and tigers share 95% genes!

Cats look cute when they lick their paw or play with a ball. However, did you know that most of their genes are from the wild? Cat behaviour experts say that some actions of cats like scratching, stalking the prey and pouncing on them are inherited from the wild!

🐱Cats can’t taste sweets

Does your cat stay away from sweet treats? That’s because food that is sweet to humans and several other animals is tasteless to cats. Their taste buds are not sensitive enough to sense the sweetness. Cats are naturally inclined to eat meat, and their sweetness receptor got switched off millions of years ago. In fact, they are the only mammals who cannot eat sweet food. 

🐱Cats have more bones than humans

 We all know that cats are super flexible! That’s because they have a LOT of bones, much more than humans! A cat has 230 bones, whereas humans have 206 bones. Likewise, cats have 13 ribs while humans have 12. They also have a flexible spine that allows them to twist and turn easily and very sharp retractable claws that are perfect for catching prey.

🐱Cats don’t have nine lives!

Like every other animal, cats have only one life. However, they are excellent survivors. They can come out unharmed after facing major accidents or falling off a really high wall. Probably that’s why it looks like they have nine lives. Moreover, some ancient Spanish and Egyptian myths say that cats have nine lives. But now you know what the reality is!

🐱Cats would rather go hungry than eat food that they don’t like!

Those who have cats as pets would vouch for how they sometimes don’t eat even if they are hungry. There are chances that they don’t find their meals tasty and hence, choose to go hungry instead! However, while it’s in their nature to starve when they don’t like the food, you need to ensure they eat something within 48 hours to keep their nutrition levels intact. 

🐱Cats purr just to talk to people

We all know that cats purr, but did you know they purr to talk to humans? It is actually their way of getting the human’s attention to be cared for or petted. In other words, it’s just a secret code for talking to humans. You may be wondering: how do they talk to fellow cats and other animals? Well, they communicate through their scent, body language and other unique ways. 

🐱A hissing cat is scared, not angry!

Usually, when a cat hisses, we assume that the animal is angry or trying to be aggressive. But behaviour experts say that when a cat hisses, it simply means that the animal is expressing emotion. Your feline is trying to say: I’m upset, I am scared, or I am not comfortable. A little petting would go a long way to make your cat feel safe. 

Now that you know some interesting facts about cats, try observing their behaviour and tell us how your cat is unique.

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