Effective techniques to get more work done less time

Many students think and spend a lot of time and energy only thinking about what to do in exams?!

They don’t realize that the energy wasted could actually be used in finding a solution for what to do when the examination are knocking the doors. Some important time management skills that we will sharing with you will come extremely handy for you to start working on them to study effectively and cover more syllabus in less time.

A good start is half the work done. Don’t just think about starting your studies, Just start!

Think on the paper: Writing down the main points while reading have effectively helped students reduce the stress of memorising and understanding. It helps the brain to relax and tell ourselves that we have covered this much topic since the time we started. That will make a mental graph of how the workload has been reduced.  Use sticky notes, tables, scratch on the paper or the book, underline the important topics on the books are all the psychological factors that will help your brain actually relax while covering the topics. Also you can write a summary of the topics so that it will be easy for you revise the next time you sit to study.

Create a short task list before starting and stick to it: Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you are starting your topics without a plan then the things will go in a very unorganized way and that in turn will confuse you and you will end up wasting your time thinking about what to study and what not. So when you start studying, just start by making a small list of topics – important topics to cover for the examination. Make sure to make the list realistic and practical. Don’t write 50 topics from a particular subject to start. Make it 5, then study those 5 topics and then add more 5 topics to the plan. This way you will be covering more topics and you will not panic as well.

Concentrate without any distractions: It is very important to focus and study about the topic. Once the brain starts to grasp the topic, it would be very difficult to get that grasping power once it has distracted. Switch off your mobile phone, turn down the TV volume and laptop or basically, anything else from which you think you can get distracted easily. Use the rubber band on wrist technique to concentrate. Whenever you think you have diverted your attention to something else, then snap a rubber band that you have tied in your wrist. Do this for three to four times and you will notice you will not divert your attention any more.

You can also practice meditation for 10-15 minutes to improve your concentration power.

Take a break in every half hour or forty minutes: Studies have shown that a refreshed mind has more power to be able to understand and grasp the thing that you are studying. So concentrate on the topic for a specific time interval, take a break and then again concentrate. You will be proud of covering a lot in less time.

Declutter your space: Do you have a CD pack on your desk? A waste paper lying from the day before yesterday? Thrown the charger of your phone on the desk and forgot about it? These are helping your brain to create unconscious stress and frustration inside it. Put the things in their proper place, where they belong and then sit to study.

Lastly, don’t forget to revise the topics you have read the day before. Practise these simple tricks and you will be amazed of how could you covered so much in such less time!

Try it and write in the comments below and let us know if you found the tricks helpful.

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