Five Quick Tips To Help You Survive Final Exams

What can be more dreadful the final week of Exams? With Exams just around the corner I am pretty sure the panic mode has kicked in, But not to worry here are five tips to successfully tackle your final exams and end all your troubles. Good luck!

  1.  Temporary Isolation:  I know it can be hard but getting rid of all kinds of distractions including positive and negative distractions like your friends and family Social media or mobile internet etc..This will help you concentrate better. Do whatever you can but isolate yourself it could even be a garden or park as long as you’re alone.
  1. Study Schedule: Pace yourself according to your comfort, Allocate a given amount of hours per day to studying and revision and test. Suppose you have two chapters to complete in a day split the study hours in equal ratios in accordance to the amount hours you have allocated yourself in a day.Aim to start studying at least one month before exams that gives you enough time prioritise the best time of the day to study.
  1. Eat Healthy: Yes food can be crucial in this process make sure you dehydrate and re energise yourself at regular intervals after you finish with a test.
  1. Rewards: Every Time you successfully complete a chapter reward yourself with snacks or 10 minute snooze or sometimes even singing it doesn’t hurt once in awhile unleash your inner singing idol. Be honest with yourself when it comes to rewards only if you deserve them.
  1. Peace At Last: Don’t forget about what’s waiting on the other side of the exams, once you complete this schedule. Think about all the happiness and satisfaction you will get once you get past this one obstacle that should give you enough motivation.

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