Gamification as a participative learning method

Gamification of learning resources has become a serious business of late. It has been continuously argued upon by the educators and researchers that gaming and play is an essential part of childhood physical and mental development and learning. “Play is the work for children” as stated by renowned educator Maria Montessori.

Gamification and learning is not really about video game playing – it is more about not losing the curiosity and the child in you to learn new things and make it more interesting for the learners. So based on this idea we have tried to put down the things that will help game based playing and learning and the students can learn without even making an effort to learn!
Create your own content:

Create the content on the basis of the topics, make an effort to make the topic sound interesting. For example if your topic to study or teach is “Parts of flower” then try to make the topic as “Which is that part of flower that helps to support the petals?” “What are the uses of the other parts of flower?” Create a question and answer the question in the topic.
The same can be used for ideas on how to approach diverse subjects such as history, philosophy, literature in a more active way.

Use engaging videos: Nowadays when the infrastructural need of the classroom is not limited, we can take the advantage of technology and help students and teachers to access the engaging video content on computers, or laptops or projectors to mobile devices. The internet is huge and can used to search for any topic and mould to our needs and content that we require. It can be used for just about any topic and for any level of education.

Online articles: 

Educational articles are plenty in number now and they contain the school lessons that ain’t anymore boring.  Make the content relatable to a personal level so that it gets more interesting to the learners. For example if the topic is about solar system then try to tell a story about how you discovered about the galaxy and the nine planets. Throw a pen on the ground to show what gravity is? Play a game of balls to tell about the forces used in throwing. There are lots of examples that can be explored.

Make learning fun with using these gamification techniques to learn better. Download the Byju’s application and start learning.

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