Taking a drop: Challenges and goals

Taking a drop after 12th can turn out to be both good and bad for your career. Everything mostly depends on your attitude towards your goal and the subsequent efforts, the lack of which can be very disappointing, to say the least. When you do take a drop to prepare for an entrance exam like IIT-JEE or NEET, there are particular challenges that you are aware of, but there are also challenges that you only realize once you start your preparation.

  • There is much lesser time than you thought there would be!

Students tend to relax during the beginning of their drop year only to realize later on that they have much lower time than they imagined. You will understand why they say “Time flies.” Make a proper study routine and follow it strictly from day 1. Even concepts and subjects that you are very confident in require revision.

  • Demotivation will creep in.

When you decide to take a drop and prepare you must understand that you will have to keep your hopes up and keep irrational fears at bay. Watching your classmates Start College while you are still making can be tough but do not let that budge you from putting in your best. Do not forget your goal! Strive harder to achieve it.

  • You will need to learn from scratch

If you are not clear about your concepts, there is absolutely no way that you can crack JEE or NEET. You have to study from scratch and practice hard every day. Even if you have scored a good enough rank in the first time that you appeared for JEE or NEET you still have to work hard to achieve just the same, next time and more difficult if you want to perform better.

Dropping a year gives you a golden opportunity that you must utilize to your best potential.

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