Good Habits for Students: How Top Students Learn

If you are thinking that the genetics is what it takes to become a good student – then you are wrong. There are certain plans and habits that the teacher’s pet get used to make them the best. Let’s see the habits that you need to start as soon as possible to become the most desired student of your class!

Create a Study Plan: Many a times we have made a plan and haven’t stick to it. Well, that’s what you do when it’s not related to your studies. Creating a plan and not sticking to it is for the dimwits. Create a balanced study plan that will cover all the subject and topics. If you have a test coming up in the near future, then make sure to add that in your plan. The benefit that you will get by creating a study plan for self study after schools is that, it will help you reduce the burden of sea like syllabus before the exam. 

Take Study Breaks: Don’t exhaust yourself by stretching to study for a long time. Don’t cram a lot of information to your brain as it will reduce the grasping power. Wisely use your break time, take a walk, watch the TV or talk to a friend. A refreshed mind will be able to grasp more than a tired one.

Make your own Study Notes: Making your study notes make it familiar for your brain to easily remember the topics and understand them better.  Mindmaps and flashcards or mnemonic usage are other effective study making notes for you that will enable you to maintain your grades and can this will illustrate how powerful active learning can be.

Get Enough Sleep: A well rested body and mind is help you assimilate information and strengthens the knowledge so collected during the day, hence the better the sleep, the better you learn. Just know that getting enough sleep is an important element in the learning process.

Group Study or Asking Questions: Active participation help you learn more effectively. Never shy away to ask your doubts to your teachers. Get help of the study material available on the internet and ask your friends the questions related to the subject. This will help you make you understand the subject very smoothly and make you involved in the learning process.

Testing Your Knowledge Regularly: Revise the materials that you have studied on a regular basis so that it will remain in your memory for a longer period. Systematically review the notes that you have prepared for yourself, flashcards and discuss among your friends. It will help you retain the topics.

Learn from Your Mistakes:  If, during the test you make a mistake, then with the help of your teacher try to point out your mistake. Try to figure out your weak areas and reconcile the mistake. The tops students analyse the mistakes and build it on their learning.

Lastly, Apply the learning in your real life : The top student always relate the education provided with their real life challenges. Learning is not always about studying for grades. It’s the gathering the knowledge and what you can do with your knowledge.  Don’t just study for the examination, make learning a habit and study for your life.

Inculcate these habits in your daily life and see the change you make. It might take some time to merge these with your daily routine but these will help you become a good student.

Try them and tell us how these tips helped you in the comments below!

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