Handling the Unhandleable – A Teacher’s Guide

As a teacher, you must have come across some kids who were beyond your control in the class. The ‘tough ones’, as many teachers call them, are always hard to handle and require a little special attention. This does not mean that they are any less than any of your brilliant students nor should you think so. Oft-times these ‘tough kids’ are the ones that are the most brilliant of them all. You just need to handle them carefully and give them a little special attention. You will be surprised by the potential that they carry.

Here, we will talk about some of the ways in which these children should be dealt with.

Get to know them first

If you come across a supposedly tough kid, as based on the judgement of your fellow teachers, it is suggested that you take some time out for them and get to know them. Maybe you will find that they are not as difficult as you had expected or maybe they have changed. Often children just feel humiliated or disrespected because their elders have branded them troublesome. It affects their young minds adversely. Do not make that mistake.

Place trust in them

More times than not, even the most difficult kid will respect and keep the trust you place in them. Tell them that you are proud of them and you expect a lot from them and see the positive change in them in a matter of no time. Maybe, because they are a little tough to handle, they do not get the attention that they want and feel neglected. Show them that you trust them and they will listen to whatever you say.

Do not argue or lose your patience

You have to remember that they are children. They are much more volatile and restless than you are. So if you think that someone has done something wrong, sit them down and explain to them why their behavior was wrong instead of punishing them. If they argue, listen patiently and answer them calmly. If you become aggressive, it will only cause more resentment.A Teacher’s GuideBe the best teacher you can be

Being a teacher does not only mean solving equations and reading textbooks. Being a real teacher entrusts you with far greater responsibilities, which is to bring out the best in your students. This may require a little patience and effort, especially with the ‘tough kids’,but that is what being a teacher is all about. You have to make a positive connection with them. You have to know what their dreams and fears are. Only then will you be truly able to bring the best out of them.

Show acceptance and appreciation when they do something good

Young minds are always looking for appreciation and acceptance. One of the reasons many kids are a little troublesome is that they are looking for attention. Show them that they have your attention. Appreciate the good things they do, even the small ones and do not limit it to academics. Not everyone is born to be a scientist; some will be footballers and mountaineers too. Accept every student as they are and show them that you are proud of them.

A teacher is an important part of everyone’s childhood. How a person shapes up depends a lot on their teacher. Troublesome kids, especially, need a little extra attention and care. But, if you guide their energy into something positive, they are the ones that will make you proud one day. It is upto you, as a teacher, how you do that.


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