Home tutoring – What, Why and How?

Whether it’s to top up your child’s learning from school or to give your child a more holistic understanding of the syllabus, home tutoring can be a great option to strengthen your child’s learning process. Most learning today happens outside the classroom and home tuitions are a great way to ensure that your child makes the most of his/her time away from school. There is a wide range of home tutoring options available today and based on your child’s individual learning needs, you can pick the one that’s right for you. Before you delve into your available options, here’s a quick primer addressing the what, why and how of home tutoring.

WHAT home tutoring can do for your child?

Any furthering of your child’s learning at home, whether academic or otherwise, can fall under the wide bracket of home tutoring. Depending on how far you’d like to go and how much intervention you think is required, home tutoring can play a host of roles in your child’s learning process. Based on the time and effort you choose to invest, it could range from totally hands-on experience to a completely free form, minimum intervention, remote learning experience via online classes and the likes. 

WHY choose home tutoring?

Home tuitions can be a great boost to your child’s academic learning. It can help better understand and retain what your child has learned at school. By setting up a regular home tutoring schedule, it gets your child used to the flow of learning and reinforcing. With options like online tutoring, your child can learn at his/her own pace by making a schedule that’s perfectly suited to their learning style and speed.

Home tutoring is also an excellent way of instilling a healthy sense of curiosity in your child. By actively creating an atmosphere at home that is conducive to learning, you are motivating your child to constantly learn and discover new things. Additionally, an effective home tuition plan can make your child organized and punctual while also freeing up time to play or pursue other hobbies of interest.

HOW to choose the right home tutoring option for your child

Home tutoring options in the digital era open up a whole new world of opportunities. With online classes and remote live learning options, there is a wide choice in what is available for your child’s home learning needs. There’s also the question of the medium with which your child would be most comfortable. Some children are visually strong learners whereas others are auditory learners. By assessing your child’s strengths you can opt for audio notes, video tutorials or just plain notes. 

Another thing to consider while choosing the right home learning option is how much time it would take up in your child’s schedule. Creating a home learning timetable can be an effective tool in managing your child’s time. While deciding where to start with the home learning plan, It’s a good idea to communicate with your child’s educators. This gives you an idea of where they stand academically so that you can chalk out an appropriate home tuition plan. Based on your child’s individual needs and requirements, you can opt for a home tutoring plan that’s right for you. 

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