How can parents help children learn from home?

They say learning is a process that never stops. This is especially true with children who are still at an age where they can absorb and retain vast amounts of information. While the role of the parent is limited at school, they can play a key role in the process of home learning by going beyond their homework assistance duties. Encouraging your children to keep learning even while at home starts with setting up an atmosphere that enables them to exercise their curiosity. Of course, there are some steps you can actively take as a parent to give your child that little nudge to keep them hungry for more knowledge. 

Share their enthusiasm for their favourite topics.

Pay attention to your child when they express interest in a particular topic. Nudge them in the right direction by making plenty of supportive learning materials readily available. Spend time discussing your child’s favourite topics and visibly express your enthusiasm and support. Watching their ambitions being validated sends a positive response. The first step to home learning is to create a conducive environment that makes children want to explore new ideas and positive reinforcement as mentioned above can be a strong motivator. Along with that, here is how you can make learning fun for young learners

Explore Online Tutoring Options

Assisting your child with home learning doesn’t always mean that you have to spend all your time teaching them. With the option to avail online tutoring options, you can share your responsibilities with a digital home tutor!Online classes can be a great way for your child to satisfy their screen time and also keep the learning process going. They come with a flurry of advantages including visually aided learning and can be accessed remotely, at a time of your convenience. If you want a more hands-on approach, you can even find online tutors who take one-on-one real-time sessions with your child by chalking out a personalized learning plan.

Same time, same place

Create a routine by chalking out a timetable for the home learning sessions. Getting your child adjusted to a routine will help them associate that particular time of the day with the same activity. Such associative learning can also work by habituating your children to study from the same place. Help your child create their own study area from where they learn each day. Maintaining a regular schedule and keeping the learning bound to the same place and same time every day will help your children adjust to a regular routine. 

Keep things fun and lighthearted

Remember that your child has already been through a full day of school on weekdays. You don’t want to stress them out with too much pressure to succeed. Try to keep things fun by including the occasional off-beat activity. Set up easily achievable targets and reward your children when they finish a set of goals. Allow your children to take their mind off learning by allotting ample free time so that they can return to their studies with a refreshed mind.

Based on what you make of it, home learning can either be a tedious task for children or something they look forward to each day. While it can appear like it would take a lot of time and effort to keep your children learning at home, it does not necessarily have to be so. Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you can take some time for yourself too while allowing your children to learn better.

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