How to encourage children to learn at home?

Learning does not necessarily have to end after the final bell at school. While academic learning is important, it is also equally important to keep children curious and informed about the world at large. A key step in achieving this is to provide an atmosphere at home that motivates kids to keep learning. Home tutoring your child does not only include homework and revision, but also the development of important life skills and a foundational understanding of how things work in the world we live in. Whether you choose to fill the gap with online classes or a more hands-on approach, there are some common steps that you can take as a parent to encourage children to learn better at home. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Set up short term goals and rewards

Tackling the entire syllabus for the academic year might seem like a daunting challenge for children. But breaking it up into small, easily achievable goals can help simplify things. You could even go wild and build a whole point system around it. Finishing online classes for the day gets one point. Homework gets another. Your child can then trade in all the points for a reward! Not only does it motivate them do keep going, but it also gives them a sense of fulfilment. Home tutoring is as much about learning as it as about keeping your child motivated to learn.

Make everyday activities a part of the learning experience

There’s a lot of scope for learning through everyday routine activities. A trip to the grocery store can turn into a quick arithmetic lesson. A visit to the bank can be a quick lesson on simple and compound interests. Adding an element of learning to such daily activities reinforces your child’s learning while also teaching important life skills. Even within the confines of the home, there can be interesting tidbits of interesting information. You could encourage your child to draw up a blueprint of your home from scratch. Or learn geometry from the interiors of your home. Home tuition can be as drab or as exciting as you make it out to be. It’s all about adding perspective! 

Make learning fun with online classes

One challenge that is faced by parents is that children can tire easily from rote learning and memorization. Nobody likes doing monotonous, repetitive tasks. Parents can help bridge the gap between learning and fun, especially when it comes to home learning. Help your children set up experiments at home to get a deeper understanding of the science in their textbooks. You could even introduce your child to online classes via educational platforms like BYJU’S which can help make learning fun with detailed, visually charged learning materials. 

Accommodate for Breathing Breaks

Taking a break and finding the time to relax during home tuition is just as important as sticking to a schedule. Don’t let your kids burn out. Allowing ample time to sleep and relax helps keep the mind fresh and encourages all-round mental development. Remember the old saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” Studies have shown that regular breaks during home tuition can help retain more information an keep the mind alert. Try introducing your children to effective time management techniques like the Pomodoro technique to juggle their tasks better.

Promote learning beyond the syllabus

Learning does not always have to be within the confines of the textbook. Home tutoring is a good opportunity to go beyond the book and delve into other topics of interest. While school takes care of what’s in the syllabus, home tutoring can also include developing a habit of reading the newspaper and learning from magazines, films, documentaries and other media. This can help develop a broader aptitude in your children and keep them up to date with some of the key issues of modern life.

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