How to keep children learning at home?

With schools shut and a nation-wide lockdown imposed, parents may have their hands full with keeping their children engaged through the day. With summer camps and outdoor group activities not being an option anymore, parents find themselves resorting to innovative means to keep children occupied. One particularly pressing issue is how to keep students learning during these testing times. Thankfully, with the convenience of the internet, a world of remote home tuition opportunities open up. Here are some ways in which you can keep your children learning in spite of the restrictions:

Try real-time, live, online classes

You can emulate the atmosphere of a classroom at home with the help of live-streamed classes online. E-learning apps like BYJU’S are offering free live classes with different time slots allotted to each age group. With a digital home tutor to share your burden and keep your kids engaged, you can open up your schedule and find some time to relax. Live online classes allow students to learn with hundreds of peers. The feeling of studying with a large group can improve their motivation and instil a sense of healthy competition too.

Separate study time and playtime

It can be tempting to fill up your kids’ schedule with too many things just to keep them busy. But an excess of activities could leave your children overwhelmed. Make a timetable that clearly separates playtime and study time. Online tutoring will include adding some screen time and playing educative games. Digital games for learning can have its own set of advantages. But at the same time, it’s important to separate this online tutoring from your children’s leisure activities. Just because you have an online home tutor to lean on, don’t completely let go of the reins. Adding some structure into your child’s schedule will keep them focused, organized and punctual.

Encourage home experiments

Home tuition is a great opportunity to expand your children’s conceptual understanding of all the theories they learn. Find a few fun experiments and encourage your kids to try it out at home. It could even be the ones from your kids’ textbooks that they never got to try. When it comes to learning science, such real-world experiments are the best way to truly understand a concept. Practical learning also tends to stick longer in your kids’ memories since it’s very different from rote learning, which is harder to retain and recall. 

Sneak some learning into playtime

While separating playtime and study time is a good idea, it doesn’t mean you can’t work around the edges to slip a little learning into playtime. Look for educational games and quizzes online that are appropriate for your child’s age group. There are plenty of games online that are aimed at improving mathematical skills, visual-spatial awareness, language skills, and general knowledge. Games like these keep your children from getting bored and make home tuition seem less like tuition and more like playtime! It’s a win-win situation!

A field trip in the living room

Home tuition does not necessarily have to be defined within the confines of your children’s textbooks. Schools may be closed and field trips might no longer be an option but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. There are a number of world-class museums that offer free virtual tours online. Why not let your children wander through the halls of The Louvre, The Museum of Modern Art, or even see the Sistine Chapel, all from the comfort of your living room? 

In today’s digital age, learning is truly boundless and not restrained by physical constraints. As a parent, you can take advantage of this. With the help of a digital home tutor, a few fun experiments, a schedule for online classes and some amount of smart planning, you can make sure that your children don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep learning. 

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