How to memorize formulas effectively

Understanding and remembering the mathematical formulas can be sometimes tricky since there are many for every concept with various applications. If a formula is put wrong regardless of how small is the mistake, the whole problem goes wrong. But, with our top tips, you will be experiencing how to memorize all the formulas with better understanding.

Get Familiar to your formulas in advance

It’s not a bad idea to read over the upcoming topics in the text. You don’t have to memories the formula you come across, just have a look at the content. It makes you familiar with what is being discussed. This method makes the formula easier to learn and help you when it comes to memorizing the formula later. 

Don’t mug up list of formulas

Don’t sit and start listing down all the formulas and keep memorizing them without understanding their meaning and concept. It increases the amount of time to learn and create lots of confusion. If you don’t understand the logic behind each formula, you are more likely to forget what you have learnt. Try to draw a relevant corresponding diagram. It will help you remember both, the formula and the method required for obtaining the correct solution.

Practice by writing

It may sound obvious, but practicing the problems using formulas that you need to know will make you understand the formula and would last in your memory for long. You are more likely to make it more complex if you don’t use the formulas in practice questions. 

Apply Memory Techniques

Think about all the phone numbers you know, or think about when you went to market without a shopping list and still able to remember what to buy. Most of us are capable of learning a list of numbers and objects that are not related. Just apply right memory techniques and these simple techniques can be linked to learning formulas too.

Understand the formulae

Mostly in maths exams, students are provided with formula sheet to help you with the answers. So many students don’t find it useful to learn and understand the concepts behind. It’s a mistake which can lead you to use wrong formulas and end up with a wrong answer. Understanding will make you clear about its use and application, and you will find no difficulty in applying them.

Formulas are crucial aspect when it comes to solving any logical problem involving equations and calculations. These can help you bring positive results in your output and help you attain better marks in the examination.

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