How To Study For 10 Hours A Day

To have a goal and achieve it too, you must strategize! Some students tend to believe that studying for long hours a day (Read 10 hours a day) is enough to achieve the coveted JEE/NEET rank. This is only partially true. Most of the students that do well in exams do not study hard but instead study smart.

Ten steps to boost your learning abilities.

1) Set your long term goal and accordingly plan your short term goals for every month, week and days.

2) Make the most of your time, for example when a certain lesson is taught, try to visualize the concept as it is being taught in class.

3) If you always tend to feel tired and sleepy while studying, try to sleep early during the night and wake up early.

4) Subjects that don’t hold your interest are harder to study so try to find out interesting facts and applications of topics that you are studying. Having a study buddy helps too.

5) Sometimes even though you understand a particular topic well, you still tend to forget it. To avoid this, you can try a study method that involves visualization. This would not only enhance your

memory but also help you relate topics to each other which would result in better conceptual understanding.

6) When your exams are approaching, maintain separate notebooks for revising every subject and just go through the topics that you have studied earlier, on the day before the exam.

7) While solving math problems, practicing chemistry equations or solving Physics Numerical make a note of all the repetitive or silly mistakes you are making at the back of the same notebook, so

you remember to be careful next time.

8) Always practice diagrams while studying biology, every definition or concept is easier to remember if drawn out while learning.

9) Make mnemonics of relevant topics like the Periodic Table in chemistry.

10) Follow a fixed timetable. At least fix your study hours and sleep hours for every day. Eat healthily and relax.

A primary reason that plays a huge role is the stress factor. Studies, goals, and many other things may be very stressful at times. At times like these if you feel unable to concentrate, ask for help from your parents, friends, and mentors.

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