Why Do We Have Body Temperature?

Temperature indicates the amount of heat present in a system. Human body also comprises of certain steady temperature which is commonly known as body temperature. The human body temperature is an extension of basic metabolism and host of other factors. Heat is a form of energy and every reaction in our body occurs at certain temperature.


Extreme environmental conditions influence the body’s temperature and its ability to regulate. For instance, in humid conditions, it’s difficult for the body to exchange moisture as the air is already saturated with it. While in freezing cold conditions, metabolism is necessary to produce core body heat and protect it through blood flow to the body surface, which results in a slight drop in body temperature.  

human body temperature


Sometimes our body temperature increases and we often term it as ‘Fever’. The rise in temperature usually indicates infection. Using a thermometer is primarily recommended and widely accepted means for detecting temperature. We measure our body temperature by putting the thermometer in our mouth or by keeping it in contact with our body. When using a thermometer, one has to make sure that it’s cleaned thoroughly before and after use. 


Normal Body Temperature


On an average, the temperature of a normal body is 37°C (98.6°F), and the temperature can vary due to following factors.


  • The difference in temperature can vary between young teenagers and adults.
  • The body part where the temperature is measured.
  • The body temperature can be raised by being active, wearing dark clothes, eating or being in high temperature or humidity.


Abnormal Temperature


When the reading on the thermometer is more than 1 to 1.5 degrees above your normal temperature, it means that you are not well which may be signs of the below mentioned.


  • Clotting of blood
  • Diseases of the intestines
  • Minor or Major Infections
  • Other medical problems


The core body temperature of a human is a major factor considered by the doctors while diagnosing any health issues. Body temperatures which are too high or too low cannot be taken for granted and can be a serious issue. You must consult right and well-recognized doctors when you feel that you are not well, and your body temperature is not normal.


Health is always a matter of concern irrespective of the age and working atmosphere. If you are healthy and fit, you can adapt yourself to any situation and face any uncertainty. Develop healthy habits including a nutritious diet and lead a happy life. 

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