Which Is The Best Board ICSE or CBSE?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) are the most recognized Boards of Education in India. The major question is which is the better board for the child? On what basis one should choose the board.


This board conducts All India Senior School Certificate Examination every year for the one who finish their twelfth grade, and this exam acts as the basis to pursue higher education.The biggest advantage of choosing CBSE is that all major competitive exams in India are based on CBSE syllabus.These exams include IIT- JEE, AIEEE, and AIPMT. CBSE consists of fewer subjects and more compact structure when compared to ICSE. The syllabus is based on applications under CBSE, and this board follows a concentric curriculum.

The subjects of CBSE syllabus are based mostly theoretical manner, and true emphasis is not laid on real-life concepts behind the science. Even though the syllabus is application oriented, it does not provide much impact on understanding.


This board conducts an ICSE exam at the end of the tenth grade and an Indian School Certificate (ISC) exam at the end of twelfth grade. Students interested in the field of management and humanities find the curriculum followed by ICSE to be more engaging and flexible. Certification of ICSE board is recognized all over the world, especially by foreign schools and universities when compared to CBSE local margin.

Although ICSE syllabus facilitates deeper understanding and life skills along with analytical skills, pursuing further education may lead to problems because the syllabus is too extensive, when compared to six subjects faced by student’s counterpart in a CBSE affiliated school. However, the quality of education that your children receives is a primary concern. Therefore, choosing a right school is vital, regardless the board.

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