Importance of Diagram In Board Exams

Diagrams play a vital role in 12 board exams. Biology is one among the subject that accounts more diagrams in it. Students looking forward to attending medical entrance exam or AIPMT and AIIMS must concentrate more on a subject as 90 questions will be asked from Zoology and Botany. Each question bears four marks. In boards, Biology accounts for 100 marks bearing 30 marks in practical and 70 marks in theory.

Below table illustrates chapters along with marks assigned to it in board exams in biology.

Chapters Assigned Marks
Reproduction 14
Genetics and Evolution 18
Biology in human welfare 14
Biotechnology and its Human Welfare 10
Ecology and Environmental Issues 14

Since the weightage of marks is more from first three chapters, it would wise to concentrate on them primarily. Genetics and Biotechnology are related to each other; it is necessary to understand the topics clearly so it would be easy to score in exams. Biology terminology can be practiced by repeatedly writing on paper.

Some of the relevant diagrams from CBSE class 12 chapters are randomly stated below:

  • Biotechnology – principles and process.
  • Biotechnology and its Applications.
  • Ecosystem.
  • Human Reproduction.
  • Sexual Reproduction in flowering plants.
  • Molecular Basis of Inheritance.

Theoretically, they are many big questions, where you can answer this by drawing a diagram but it should be labeled correctly, and presentation should be neat. Key features of the diagram should be highlighted. Information presented in the diagram should be easily understood. It should be a complete description in all aspects.

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