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BYJU’S celebrates Indian Olympians’ inspiring sacrifices and achievements

Team StoryWeavers|October 04, 2021, 17:37 IST|

This recognition doubles down on the company’s belief that sports teaches valuable lessons about teamwork, resilience and goal setting

Team India had a trailblazing performance at the Tokyo Olympics in August 2021. Indian Olympians registered India’s most successful performance at the Olympic Games yet, bringing home seven medals including one gold, two silver and four bronze. 

Sport has a critical role to play in nation building. As recognition of the athletes’ historic performance at the Olympics, as well as their perseverance that led them there, BYJU’S rewarded the players for their effort, sacrifices and achievements. Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra was awarded with a sum of Rs. 2 crore while Rs. 1 crore each was awarded to Mirabai Chanu, Ravi Kumar Dahiya, Lovlina Borgohain, P V Sindhu and Bajrang Punia to help them in their journey to win more laurels for the country and also as a gesture to encourage many more youngsters to dream big.

Sport forms the foundation of many important life skills. BYJU’S founder Byju Raveendran has been candid about the valuable lessons of teamwork, resilience and goal setting he has learned from playing different sports. As a student, Raveendran himself was an avid sports enthusiast and played multiple sports representing his school. He claims it was his sports commitments that introduced him to the concept of being a self-learner as he had to teach himself the concepts he missed in class while playing sports. 

Commenting on the remarkable performance of Indian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics Byju Raveendran said, “The accomplishments and the stellar achievement of India’s sports heroes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been nothing but inspirational, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 lockdown in 2020-21. Not only have each of these athletes made the country proud but have also ignited hope and aspiration that India can create many more Olympic champions in the future. India has a huge potential to produce many more sporting champions and it is important to celebrate successes like this and make them heroes so that the country can transform from a sports-loving nation to a sports-playing nation”.

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