How To Decide Between ISC And CBSE In Class 12th


Class 11th and 12th are not just first steps towards fulfilling your future goals but may also prove to be a major turning point in shaping your career. This largely also depends on the subjects you choose and the board you follow.

You may notice a huge number of students shift from ICSE and State Board to CBSE board in 12th. The reason is that the All India entrance exams that usually determine the merit list for students eligible to get admission in government-funded engineering, and the CBSE controls medical colleges.The differences between the boards are not just limited to the syllabus and subjects offered. Both CBSE and ICSE boards have their advantages and disadvantages.


ISCis known lay a lot of stress on languages and literature. If you are inclined towards pursuing a career in marketing, management, communication, accountancy, hospitality, art or public relations then it is better to study in ISC board in not just 11th and 12th but since the beginning. The curriculum is designed mainly to improve written and oral communication skills.

CBSE on the other hand, may be a preferable choice, especially in class 11th and 12th due to the syllabus being almost same as that of JEE Mains. Which means that even if you prepare for boards well and are conceptually clear you would still fetch even score to be able to appear for JEE Advanced or get admission in a good enough government financed college.

Which now brings us back to the discussion of what about students that pursue ICSE and coaching class in 12th?

It is a little difficult to study in ISC and simultaneously prepare for JEE or NEET as the difficulty level in other subjects both optional and main are pretty high too whereas same is not the case with CBSE.

To make studies easier one may opt for tablet program or adaptive learning. This ensures conceptual clarity irrespective of the board.

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