Learn Anatomy Of Heart On Your Own Instantly

Have you ever tried to take a look at human heart. View the internal structures of the heart and how it pumps the blood to entire human body. Let’s pen down a few steps to memorize the entire anatomy of the heart and grasp its functions instantly. Human heart is a vital organ that is solely responsible for functioning of the entire body. Without its help, no organ can operate efficiently and perform the daily activities. With its intense functionality and non- stop movement, the human body is able to take every single step act accordingly as per the command received from the command centre. Acting as the most complicated organ in the entire body, it is tough to learn the human heart diagrams in one go. Here are few tips to memorize the anatomy of heart easily.

Anatomy of Heart

  • Draw the exterior parts of heart diagram – Initially, try drawing a free hand diagram of the heart and label the parts using numbers.
  • Sketch out the valves first – Always start your first lesson from the valves of the heart. There are two valves on either side of the heart i.e. right and left valve.
  • Pay special attention to both sides of the heart diagram – Focus equally on both side of the heart i.e. right and left side of the heart. Try to memorize the parts of the right first and learn the left side.
  • Use numbers to label the parts – numbers are easier to retain names of different parts of the heart. Label in clockwise method starting from right side and end in the left side of the heart.
  • Blood vessels – learning about the Blood Vessels is a crucial task. Use your own keywords to memorize on blood vessels and sketch it out accurately.
  • Veins – another important component in heart is the veins which needs good attention. Students get confused in naming the veins try to be more cautious while learning about this vital part.

The above mentioned tips are sufficient enough to get the glimpse of the heart diagram. Focus on these instructions and learn the anatomy of heart on your own.

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